The Hazards of Payday Loans and Why You Should Avoid Them

Typically, the last few days before our payday is the most challenging part when it comes to budgeting. You might have a decent amount of savings. But still, you might not want to dip your hands into your savings. Thankfully, you do not have to.

You can avail of payday loans. Lenders offer an amount that is lesser than $500. In return, you will repay this on your payday. Sadly, this type of personal loan often comes with outrageously high-interest rates.

Some states have outright outlawed this type of loan while others limit interest and fees. But most of them do not. It means that you might get a payday loan with an APR that is close to 400 percent. This interest rate is 25 times higher than typical credit card rates and personal loans.

What is even worse is that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently ended a regulation that requires payday lenders to verify a borrower’s ability to repay before issuing a loan. This deregulation makes things worse for those who can barely make ends meet.

If you often find yourself taking on payday loans, you should continue reading this article. It offers you alternatives at lower rates.

What to Do When You Need a Small Loan

If you often find yourself struggling to keep up with your bills, it is best that you assess your current situation. Many financial advisors do not recommend searching for financial institutions that offer low-interest rate personal loans. But they suggest going through your monthly expenses and determining which ones are needs and which ones are surplus expenditures.

Let us say that after going through your monthly budget, you noticed that you often purchase unnecessary items. In this case, it is prudent to change your mindset and save for your wants. As for necessary expenditures, there are many alternatives to personal loans.

Many local charities and government organizations offer help. They can give you relief if you are struggling to keep up with your expenses. What is great about this alternative is that their help is non-interest bearing. That would be a great weight off your shoulders.

Payday Loan Alternatives

Many financial advisors would discourage you from getting payday loans. They would point out a lesser-known alternative, which is the payday alternative loan (PAL). It is a more affordable substitute for the payday loan because of its significantly lower interest rates.

One of the things that we learned during the pandemic is the need for an emergency fund. Unfortunately, we may not have re-establish our old one after 2020, when many people were laid off. Oftentimes, when we avail of personal loans, our enthusiasm for getting financial relief prevents us from carefully reading the whole contract.

You must do this. Most importantly, you have to carefully read the fine print. Doing this will guarantee that you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to. You will know how much the interest rate is but all the fees and what will trigger them.


Life would have been so much easier if we remained kids, so we do not have to struggle with bills. But this is impossible. We might have to face harsh realities. But take comfort that you are not alone.

Many are struggling with keeping ends meet, especially after the government-mandated lockdowns. But you do not have to constantly run to payday loans to keep things afloat.

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