Everything About Personal Loans: Your FAQs, Answered!

Whether you’re looking to handle a medical situation, take a vacation, buy a car, or renovate your home, there’s one key fact that hinders you from doing anything at will: lots of the things you’d like to do require money.

Although we were all taught growing up to work hard for the things we want in life, the fact of the matter is that the process of saving up in hopes of catering to our best interest is far more arduous than we’d like it to be.

Even after doing your best to save up as much money as possible, chances are that you still don’t have enough to cover your needs. Considering that your need for money to pay bills, eat, and stay alive is something that will never go away, it pays to have something that will let you handle financial needs much easier.

And well, you’re in luck: Personal loans are here to help.

Answering your questions

While you’ve probably heard of personal loans at one time or another, chances are, you’re not as familiar with them as you’d like to the point where you can take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and answered the most common questions that you might have about them. It will be much easier to set your expectations properly and establish your gameplan from the get-go:

What is a personal loan, in the first place?”

Before you look into how the forms of financial assistance in question can help with your needs and wants, it’s important to understand their technical context.

To best put it, a personal loan is an unsecured installment loan that is commonly available in banks or lenders. The “unsecured” part of the definition simply means the loan is not backed by collateral such as a home, boat, or car—making it a more desirable option for borrowers that are apprehensive over the idea of losing their valuables.

Generally, these loans are available from a bank, credit union, or online lender. Like other installment loans, they’re paid back in equal monthly payments with a fixed interest rate. Fortunately, personal loans have a fixed repayment term, so they often have lower interest rates (especially for borrowers that have good credit scores and borrowing histories).

“What are they used for?”

The answer to this particular question lies in its name: they’re used for personal reasons.

Whether you need funding for debt consolidation, home improvement, auto expenses, medical expenses, credit card payoff, small businesses, or large purchases, these loans can be used to pay for anything that life may throw at you. Beyond fulfilling needs and wants, however, these loans can all be used for more uncommon purposes, such as improving your credit score!

“How do I qualify for one?”

The process of qualifying for a personal loan ultimately boils down to your credit history, income, monthly cash flow, and other debt obligations since there is no collateral involved in the lending process.

If you’re applying according to best practice, it’s critical to understand that—although each lender varies—a firm you’re applying at will generally look for a minimum acceptable credit score within a range of 600 to 700-plus. Fortunately, you can always get in touch with Central Loan & Finance Atlanta to learn more about how you can best qualify for a personal loan so that you get things done!


When it comes to seeking finances for any need or want, you can never go wrong with applying for a personal loan that will best sort out your concerns or goals. Once you seek financial assistance from a reputable lender or firm, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on enjoying your life because of financial hurdles ever again!

Central Loan & Finance Co. offers ,personal loans in Atlanta, GA, for your financial needs. Get in touch with us today to get started!